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2020 | Philippines

Dates: July 21-24, 2020 (with blending trips until July 27, 2020)
Venue: FTT-Malabon Training Center, Malabon City, Philippines

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Emergency Announcement

Dear brothers and sisters,

The ongoing global health emergency caused by the COVID-19 virus has resulted to widespread limitations on travel around Asia and the entire world. We regret to inform that this situation has also affected the certainty of our upcoming International College Training in Asia on July 2020 in the Philippines. We do not desire to put the brothers and sisters in a medical risk, and would abide by the governments’ arrangements to resolve this crisis.

In this situation, the coordinating brothers have agreed to further study the possibility of holding the ICTA 2020. This means that as of now, there is no final decision whether the ICTA will push through as scheduled. The final decision will be made by April 25, 2020, and subsequently announced soon after.

Because of this, there are new guidelines to help us prepare for any decision that may arise, as the situation progresses. These are as follows:

  1. REGISTRATION IS STILL ONGOING and will still have the SAME DEADLINE, according to the agreed quota per country or area.
  2. Please remit payment for registration fees for confirmed registrants AFTER April 25, and must be done on or before May 4, 2020.
  3. Please book your tickets only AFTER the final announcement has been made.
  4. In the event that ICTA pushes through, please be aware that there may be changes on the arrangements as originally announced.

We do pray that the Lord give us a favorable situation in order to continue with this training, and that the blending of the saints around the world will not be hindered. May we all continue to move with our Lord according to His sovereign arrangement as the One ruling over the world situation.

The ICTA serving ones




在這種情況之下,配搭的兄弟們已同意進一步研討ICTA 2020如期舉行的可能性。按目前的情形而看,ICTA能否如期進行還沒有最終的定案。我們可於今年4月25日作決,並且隨後通知。


  1. 目前仍然接受報名,且按著前所規定之國家或地區的報名名額。報名截止日期沒有更改。
  2. 請於4月25日之後匯交確實參加者的報名費。匯交的截止日期為五月四日。
  3. 請於最終決定報告出來後纔預定機票。
  4. 若ICTA如期進行,前所報告的安排可能臨時會有更改。




We look to the Lord that through the ICTA, the college students in the Lord’s recovery from different countries in Asia would rise up to pursue the Lord in the present truth, practice the corporate God-men living in the training to have a proper spiritual habit in the church life, and participate in the Lord’s move all over the world as the one new man to bring the Lord back. We pray that the young people’s vision of carrying out God’s economy may become clearer, and their experiences of the riches of Christ be richer, for the building up of the Body of Christ. To facilitate the learning of language for the furtherance of the fellowship and coordination of the one new man, this training will be conducted in English. In the release of the word for this training, co-workers from the United States will coordinate with brothers in Asia and serve in a blended way. It is our earnest desire that this generation will be produced as today’s Ezras, knowing God’s heart’s desire, and be constituted with God for His corporate testimony to bring in the kingdom of God.


The content of this training will consist of the twelve messages from the 2020 Summer Training. All the meetings will be conducted in English.


Registration is open to the following countries with a maximum quota as stated:

China – 70 saints
Hong Kong – 50 saints
Indonesia – 100 saints
Korea – 70 saints
Malaysia – 100 saints
Philippines – 150 saints
Singapore – 10 saints
Taiwan – 260 saints
Thailand – 20 saints
LMA countries – 20 saints

Registration will close once the training capacity of 850 saints is reached. For every ten or less students, they should be accompanied by a serving one. Registration forms should be filled and submitted by each country.

A registration fee $270 (USD) covers transportation to and from the airport, accommodation during the training and the subsequent blending trips, and all meals from dinner on the 20th of July to breakfast on the 27th of July. Partial registration is not accepted.

In case, you arrive before 20th of July or depart after 27th of July, you need to pay 15 USD/day for the hospitality for each person.

For details regarding payments, please refer to the complete announcement which can be downloaded above.

Blending Trip

Please specify the team you would like to join when submitting your registration form. The maximum capacity for each team is indicated below. Once a team reaches its maximum capacity, you will be automatically transferred to another team.

Note: Details of the trips may change without prior notice. Some teams may be subdivided to smaller groups with slightly different itineraries.

Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park, Manila Ocean Park, City Tour

Baguio City Sightseeing Tour

Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park, Tagaytay City Sightseeing / Laguna Sightseeing

Ocean Adventure / Zoobic Safari, Magaul Bird Park, Manila Ocean Park

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